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In order to get the economical, pratical and human resources, necessary to realize the international programmes, Humacoo is developing, beyond the improvement of the relationships with international givers, a programm of sensitivation and fundraising for the european public. The aim is that to improve the ability to involve people on the themes of international cooperation- Even to offer the possibility to be active through concrete support.

To be coherent with the principe of Humacoo interventions, even the fundraising action is putting the individual to the centre, thanks to great job of the employees. In this way the eye on the donator gets wider in order to understand his specific needs and building relationships based on “donators deal” with Humacoo.



It is important for HUMACOO that companies are also involved in the major economic and social challenges that it brings forward. Every new collaboration is an opportunity to strengthen a humanitarian project and to give a new dimension to the partner company. Working with HUMACOO means involvement, fairness and a new look towards a better future for everyone. Contact us to study a personalized proposal.



For HUMACOO means to count on valuable resources to help who live in the most difficult conditions in the Middle East, Africa and South America. If you make the tax return just affix your signature and the tax code of HUMACOO 97959880580 in the appropriate box.



A bequest to HUMACOO is a gesture of love and a precious gift for those who receive it and for those who give it. With a generous and selfless choice it is possible to change the fate of the most fragile, to project their values into the future and to guarantee continuity to the ideals and feelings matured during their life. Thousands of people can have new possibilities for themselves and their children. Talk to HUMACOO by sending an e-mail to:



Your donation will bring food, water, health and education to children, women and men from the poorest countries.

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